Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An IMPORTANT Message from A friend and Retired Marine! Semper Fi

The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children. -William Havard

Today, true and free Americans are called upon, just as our Forefathers have been through the generations to stand for freedom and resist tyranny so that we can pass this freedom on to our children and our grand children. Today this tyranny does not come from King George, Hitler, Emperor To-Jo, or any other outside danger, even though we are at war against an evil foe called Radical Islam. I believe the danger we face today is far more dangerous than even Global Jihad, for it is inside our very country and is being unleashed on us by our very own countrymen. ....

This danger, this threat, is in our entertainment industry, it's in our schools, our universities and as the last campaign showed us, it is even in our churches. It comes in a single word called "change". The change the enemy of America seeks is to take America away from her roots, to deny our creator, to deny the words, vision, and ideals and principles that have made America the greatest, freest, and most prosperous nation on earth. They believe our Constitution and freedom is outdated and no longer applies.. They are not Americans, they are GLOBALIST and teach our children that nationalism and American pride is wrong. They teach our young people (even though we have sacrificed our own lives by the hundreds of thousands so that others could be free) we are bad, that we deserved 911, and that everything wrong in the world is OUR fault. My Friends, this threat that comes from within our very own borders and from our very own President, if left unchecked will indeed destroy this great and wonderful nation we know and love. ....

This change they seek is to change America from a free people with a Govt, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE, to one where the govt can tell you how to live your life. They will tell you where you can send your children to school. Tell what you can teach and preach in your churches and pulpits. Tell you what you can drive, how to heat your homes. They will dictate your health care and even someday decide who lives and dies. Also as we have seen by how they treated "Joe The Plumber", and Miss California they want to control your thought and your speech. They are statist, and they WILL take your liberties and your freedoms in nearly every area of your life if you sit by and do nothing. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,, they must be stopped. This is OUR country. The Govt WORKS FOR US and we must NEVER let them forget. We CAN NOT and MUST NOT sell out our birthright for the bowl of porridge the govt is now offering us. Times may be difficult, but throughout our history Americans have faced tough times, and we have come together and pulled through... AS A FREE PEOPLE. America's strength is in HER PEOPLE, not in he govt.. 

The 4th of July is only a few months away. There will be Tea Parties and many other ways you can RESIST the "change" that will take away our sovereignty and our freedom. Stand up my fellow Americans and be heard. Call your Senators and Congressmen, write letters to your news paper, challenge your teachers and professors. We have a First Amendment... USE IT!!!!! If we are going to pass the freedoms that have come at such a high price on to the next generation, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!!!!! (against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC)

My Humblest Regards, and Best Wishes to My Fellow Americans,

Jonathan D. Rash
USMC, Ret.
American Patriot


Anonymous said...

Wow. You told it like it is. There are so few willing to do that. I am one who is not ashamed, nor am I afraid.