Monday, May 18, 2009

Things that Amaze ME about Liberals

You know what really amazes me? The ignorance of people who have access to so much information and yet they voted for a President that no one really knows anything about. Yeah, I know you have heard it all before. Doesn't anyone remember being taught in school how to research? I really just don't get it. 

Here we have a "rookie" President basically holding our entire futures in his hands! As well as our lives! This doesn't worry anyone? Really? Maybe you should read this Article by Thomas Sowell, A Rookie President. There are so many unanswered questions about this man. Yet, he mezmorizes millions. People hail him as the first African-American President. The only thing African about him is his daddy being from Kenya. I have done research and according to that research he doesn't have enough African blood running through him to even qualify him as an African American or Negro as the Scientific term goes. Obama has more White and Arab in him than anything else. So how is it he is even considered our First Black President? 

The only thing "black" about Obama is Michelle. And before you try to cry racism on me save it. Won't work here. Tired of it. Here check this for where I get this info from. Is he Arabic? And Here... Between the Lines... If people would stop whinning long enough to look at the facts.... But, we know WE as Conservatives are supposed to be "Tolerant" But God Forbid if you do not agree with a Liberal Democrat they go off the deep end. They certainly are not "Tolerant".

Want more proof of Obama's lies? Oh I have plenty... Try this on for size.... The Obama We Knew But Denied. Lets see what else I can pull out of my little goodie bag about Obama America's Savior (cough cough) Here you go more broken promises as well as tax cheats and other wonderful stuff!  Aren't you just lovin

With so much proof of One Big Ass Mistake America... How can you keep making up excuses?

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