Saturday, June 6, 2009

Everyone Against Abortion Raise your Hand!

I realize that my Blog is going all over the place right now. In time though it will all tie together. This post is going to look at abortion again, but from a different angle.... Well, kind of...

I am against abortion! If a baby is not meant to be born a woman's body naturally aborts the baby, we call this a miscarriage. No matter what stage the pregnancy was at it is a sad, sad time for the mother and usually the father as well. Yet, if the woman decides a baby is to inconvenient for her she can decide to murder it. Face it, the fact is ABORTION by a DOCTOR is MURDER! Call it what it is! Pro-Choice is NOT Choice! What Choice does the Baby get? In most cases what Choice does the Father get? It is Pro ABORTION Pro Murder! Plain and Clear!

The people who are so proud of this "right" to decide if a baby gets to live or die don't want you to know what Pro-Choice really is. Number one any woman who has an abortion is Selfish. "Oh but wait" you say... "What if the woman or girl was raped?" Well, hate to burst your bubble... (No I don't) Rape is no excuse to abort a baby either! "
OMG! how can you say that!?" I can say that because I am a Child now adult born from rape! Are you going to look me in my eyes and tell me I should be dead? Are you going to tell me and my children and my grandchildren that none of US deserve to be here and alive?

Are you going to look into my oldest girls eyes and tell her your mother should be dead because she is a product of rape! Are you going to tell her Children my Grand children? How about my Middle daughter who is a Soldier! Who is going over to Afghanistan to fight for this Country. Are you going to tell her that she should have never been born, because I should have been aborted, because I am the product of rape? Maybe you want to say that to my youngest who is in High school?

My Birth-Mom is an amazing woman, because she stood strong and she put me up for adoption to give me a better life to give me a life period! She was a victim, but so was I! She has more strength than any woman out there who kills their baby! You have to see that "Mass of Flesh" for what it is, a human life! A baby! Whom has a soul! Stop letting the Pro-Abortion people deceive you! They are like the Serpent whom tempted Eve with the "Apple."

Questions and Answers about Baby David

Q: What proof do we have that the photograph featured in the “Raise Your Hand” video is real?

A: The proof that the photo is real is that there are existing news stories (e.g., World Net Daily Press ), and SWAT and police files which confirm its authenticity, as well as first-hand testimonies from the people who found the baby and took the photo.

Click here to see additional images of the baby.

Q: Who is this baby?

A: The baby was named Baby David by the pro-life advocates who found his body in the abortion clinic.

Q: How old was the baby when he was aborted?

A: The baby was aborted at approximately 28 weeks gestation time.

Q: How was the baby aborted?

A: The baby was aborted using the D&E procedure (Dilation and Extraction).

Q: When was the baby aborted?

A: The baby was aborted in December, 1989.

Q: Where was the baby aborted?

A: The baby was aborted at an abortion clinic in Houston, Texas.

Q: Where, exactly, was the baby found?

A: The baby was found in a plastic bucket with a lid, in a small back room of the abortion clinic. In the room there were an additional 15 plastic buckets with lids.

Q: Who found the baby?

A: The baby was found by pro-life activist Chad Traywick.

Q: Who took the picture?

A: The photograph was taken by pro-life activist Chad Traywick.

Q: Whose hand is holding the baby’s hand?

A: The hand holding the baby’s hand in the photograph is that of pro-Life leader, Debbie Huddnal.

Q: Where and when was the baby buried?

A: The baby was buried on Jan. 20, 1990, in Houston, Texas, by Chad Traywick at an interdenominational memorial service attended by over 100 people.

It is a baby inside of you! It is not soulless! That baby is God's gift to you! How can you just throw it away? How can you let a Doctor go in there and tear his or her little body out of you and throw it in the Dumpster! how can you let a Doctor induce labor and let the baby be born just to the point where his or her head is still inside you and then Stab him or her in the back of the head to kill him or her! Or how about this? The baby is supposed to be born dead because you decided you didn't want the responsibility... He or she is born alive, and left on a cold steel table to die? Obama certainly doesn't care about things like this. He wouldn't want his daughter's bothered by a little baby... He would rather kill the baby! His voting record proves that. Think in your mind... WWJD... What Would Jesus Do?

People who a re Pro-Abortion have no feelings at all for a tiny little unborn baby... Yet, they will picket Walter Reed? They will Picket and shoot and kill Recruiting Officers? Oh before you even try crying for Tiller the Baby Killer and pointing fingers? Look at this first! I am not saying Murdering anyone is right. It's NOT!

In a country with approximately 150 million pro-lifers, five abortionists have been killed since Roe v. Wade.
In that same 36 years, more than 49 million babies have been killed by abortionists. Let's recap that halftime score, sports fans: 49 million to five.

Please Help stop The Abortion Bail Out!

Enough Said for now... More to Come....


Nicole said...

I would hope my mother would have aborted me if she were raped.I could not live with knowing I had a rapist as a father.

BTW, i care more for the children who are alive and suffering....IT IS NO ONES BUSINESS WHAT A WOMEN DOES WITH HER BODY!

Cris said...

A baby is NOT your Body! Your body is only the Shelter! You are a weak weak person.

Laurie said...

A baby is a separate person there is no right to kill that baby even during the time when the mother is pregnant. It's the killing of a truly innocent. I think we tend to get more upset if this happened to a dog or cat perhaps we have to think of it that way if it helps to know that it is truly the taking of a precious life.

Dr. Dave said...

Hold your head high, Cris. Human life is precious, particularly innocent life. Every conceived baby deserves a chance. It's our choice to be an idiot after we're born. should be quite intimate with that possibility.

Cris said...

Thank you Dave! I appreciate your kind words! I hold my head up very high. I was a Special baby because not only was I born to a loving young girl.... I was CHOSEN by my Adopted Parents... :)

Laurie said...

Also, although a rape is an evil act.
God is the author of life and He is stronger than evil and can make something very good from it. We are not controlled by the evil - we are controlled by God who made a beautiful life which is so much more important and is the point of all this.

Anonymous said...

As a survivor of rape, there was no way that I'd ever think it's ok to give the innocent baby an automatic death sentence as a result of someone else's actions. Wrong answer. Abortion is NOT a 'cure-all' for crisis situations---millions of women suffering from PASS are living proof of this. We need as a society to STOP looking at babies and pregnancy as a hindrance to women and the world---and to the victims/ survivors of crimes, stop looking at them as the guilty parties---they are not the shameful ones nor are the products of any crimes against them---but in our world, they carry the burden of shame and this is something we need to change and NOW.

There is no guarantee of a golden life for anyone on this earth--none at all. To say that abortion is a blessing to those born in 'bad' situations---then heck---we might as well abort babies of single moms, anyone who doesn't own their own home, anyone who has credit card debt, someone who doesn't hold a college degree, and while we're at it since eugenics is becoming a bigger reason behind abortion----anyone who needs glasses or a hearing aid. See where this is going??---abortion is NOT a 'clean slate' from which to start for anyone, and if we're going to decide who has the right to live based on what OUR personal fears are, then who is left? The "perfect" ones? "Oh, but some have it easier than others!"---baloney---rich, beautiful, smart and constantly loved accounts for maybe 5% of the world---we do not have the right to say if a baby has the right to be born waiting for 'ideal' situations. It's been said before and it's SO true: "It's easy to be ProChoice when YOU'RE not the one getting killed."

We save dolphins, seals, go green, use paper instead of plastic---when did a human life, the MOST INNOCENT of human lives, become to expendable? A child is NOT trash--and neither is the woman behind the abortion. Women & children DESERVE BETTER!

Cris said...

Very, Very Well Said Anonymous... Thank you for your voice. People like you and me need to speak for the unborn. Again being a child of rape.. No one should punish me or any child for the deeds of evil.