Tuesday, August 4, 2009

These 2 Men are my Hero's

Men like Lloyd Marcus and Kevin Jackson, Give me hope! Hope, that we can save this Country. Hope for America and all of it's people. These 2 men are brave and speaking out for ALL American's. They get it! These men don't play the infamous "Racial" card or the "Victim" Card. They are strong men who don't let the Democrat's use their race against them. These men are awesome role models! I hope and pray that more and more people wake up and see what Lloyd and Kevin see and know! People of ALL races need to listen to them and save our Country! These men know what most deem, "the black experience". Makes me wonder even more... Why most Blacks are Democrats!

Barack Obama is supposed to represent the "black man". How can that be when honestly we know nothing about him. Nothing about his experiences. He keeps his past locked away from us. Through my research Barry is NOT black anyway. He is approximately 50% White, 44% Arab, and only 1/8 black.

Please watch the videos of these great Americans! Also get a Copy of Kevin Jackson's book, The Big Black Lie! I have it and it is great! A story all should know!