Wednesday, September 23, 2009




When I saw the news yesterday about Bank of Amerika I was so disgusted and appalled by their managers disrespect for a young Marine who fought and died for this Country! What Country did that woman think she lived in to say that our Flag is offensive and saying it is the Corporations rules not to allow the American Flag?! Telling the person putting them along the sides of the street to honor a brave young Marine. Then telling her if she wants the flags she will have to go inside to get them!

You have no idea how pissed off this has made me! I am waiting to see if Obama will say anything about it. But, I am not going to holding my breath. I mean he responds to things like Dr Tiller the Baby Killer and Kayne West. Not a Pro-lifer who was murdered. Well, he said maybe 6 to 10 words, 3 or 4 days later. He pretends he knows nothing about ACORN getting Federal funding and sweeps it under the rug.

Why would he condemn this act. I mean it is only the American flag and a Young Brave Marine who died for what is now HIS war. What is happening to our Country?! I don't recognize it anymore! What happened to the respect we were taught for OUR Country when we were in school? Kids don't say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore. They aren't taught America the Beautiful, God Bless America... (oops did I say God?) My Country tis Of Thee... Respecting Authority... Respecting each other.

Obama is more concerned with passing Obamacare (Socialized Medicine) Kenye West, David Letterman, letting Muslims pray on the White House lawn, spending our Money like it is his..... etc etc etc.... Than he is with winning the war in Afghanistan and keeping our Troops safe! His main job as President of the Untied States is the defense of our Country NOT all of this other crap! Not changing our Constitution! Obama DO your Job!!!! Oh and while your at it... Show us the Birth Certificate and the College Records and the Medical Records and everything else you have paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to seal and keep hidden from the people that YOU work for!!

Anyway, I am asking everyone who loves this Great Country and respects and loves our Troops to PLEASE cancel all and any accounts that you have at Bank of Amerika. Don't let them get away with the cheap excuse that it was just a "misunderstanding" of their policy. BULLSHIT!!! They should change their name as well, because they certainly do NOT represent AMERICA!

God Bless Our Troops and keep them safe! Lord please help us!

Here is the video....